Lead with Confidence in Challenging Times and Beyond 

 Think big - start small 

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Yes, I want this!

'I'm ready to change things'

You're spinning plates, juggling the 'immediate' with the 'strategic' and that little voice is asking you if you're good enough.

You want to lift your head up, smell the coffee and find more energy, more time and more focus - and re-engage with your passion for leading others.

You know intuitively that if you could step off the treadmill for a while you'd grow, make different decisions, step up.  And you'd  empower others to grow too.

So let's get real. If you've been telling yourself 'it's not the right time' or 'I'm too busy' then now is exactly  the time to step back and find another way.

Because nothing changes until you do.


I've been in your shoes

When I took my first big senior leadership role in my 30s I was proud and petrified in equal measure. 

I struggled to prioritise, to get 'out of the operational' (let's be honest, there's comfort in sticking with what you know!) and to stand up for what I believed - particularly with the 'alphas' around me.

Being full-on busy was my thing (not always busy doing the things that mattered, of course).  It was my way of avoiding 'being found out'. 

It took me two years to find my feet, my voice and my purpose.

And then.....I blossomed.

But It really doesn't have to take that long.

Because you have everything you need to be successful - everything.  

And I can help you find it - right from day one.

You've planted the seed now let it grow.


Jess Harper

"I have been promoted to Group Account Director and I wouldn't be in this position without your coaching. You helped me find the confidence and skills I needed."

Group Account Director at Blue Chip Marketing

Tamara Gillan

"You are the maestro of breakthrough conversations."

Entrepreneur, Founder and Chief Cherry London and Founder of the WealthiHER network

Beverley Thorpe

"I am thoroughly impressed with your great support, resources and encouragement.  It is all really resonating with me."

Learning and Development Manager, Liberata
Yes, I want this!

Be the boss that everyone wants to work for


New beliefs and habits that empower you to speak up and have the influence and impact you deserve.

You'll understand and tame that inner critic and lead from a place of awareness and confidence.


Meetings, 1-1s, and conversations that create connection and trust.

You'll find new pathways to success with Conversational Intelligence® and the neuroscience of conversations


You'll get the most important things done (even those tricky  things you've been avoiding).

More energy, more wisdom and more awareness will give you courage to stop faffing, challenge the status quo and inspire others with compassion and confidence

If you're saying 'yes, I'd love that'! You're in the right place.

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Lead with Confidence in Challenging Times and Beyond 

A 120 day programme with me by your side every single day.

If you're a talented manager and leader who's ready to step back, step out and step up in real time,  this programme is for you.

Yes, I want this!

6 distinctive steps to get you where you want to be


Step 1 - Online Learning

Join the programme any time for immediate access to your online  modules (module details below). Video, audio and transcript for every bite-sized lesson in each module  plus  simple and powerful exercises for you and your team.  Download and go!



Step 2 - 1-1 and Group Coaching

Two 1-1 s with me - we'll start by creating your 120 day breakthrough plan. I'm going to encourage you to think bold, brave and big.

AND we'll review your progress towards the end of the programme in our second 45 minute 1-1 and plan your next steps.

Group learning - We meet (almost!) weekly from September to January so you stay on track, work through the modules, take action and get everything you need to succeed plus accountability, feedback and laser coaching.

(Recorded in case you can't make the live call.)


Step 3 - Private Community

Join the private Facebook group (ONLY for your cohort).

Q and A, encouragement, and the joy of working with a small group of leaders from different backgrounds.

Step 4 - Live Masterclasses 

Interactive and experiential sessions to help you grow your impact and gravitas and your ability to connect, engage influence and inspire (these are in addition to the three mini-masterclasses in your training library).


Step 5 - Implementation

Join my two live implementation afternoons where we get the really important stuff done.

Most of my clients continue with these in their own teams - liberating, energising, satisfying, super-efficient.


Step 6 - Time to Breathe

It's way too easy to put yourself last.

My 'Time to Breathe' sessions will help you to take a step back and access your inner wisdom. Clearing your head gives you greater clarity and more focus.

I created this programme for busy, talented leaders who care

I've always loved working with people -  and leading people.

In the late 80s and 90s I had a wonderful career in the travel industry - I got to travel the world and live and work with some amazing people in some beautiful places including eight months in Hawaii (tough, huh?!) being paid for what I love. 

A dream come true.

The 'work hard play hard' vibe suited me. 

Until.... it didn't.

A big promotion meant joining a big, open plan office (aka the rabbit hutch) in the North West of England.  A beautiful part of the world but a daily grind of a commute and an office full of  highly talented people - many with egos to match and empires to build. 

My boss sent me on a leadership programme -  (3 days, nice hotel) which gave me interesting theories but nothing I could use in my 'real world'. 

And the never ending 'do more with less' budget cuts and some business practices that didn't really chime with my values started to grind me down.

Then I had a moment of choice.  

I was offered redundancy or a  newly created  leadership role. 

It took me milliseconds to choose the first option.  

And yet.... who was I without my title and company credit card? What if I'd made a mistake?  I had just taken on a mortgage, I missed my team and - it transpired - they really missed me.  

After a few wobbles and some 'interesting' part-time work I had one of those epiphanies.

What if this is a gift and I can use everything I've learned to support other leaders so they don't have to struggle like I did?

That was when I realised I was on to something.

I've made it my mission over the last 20 or so years to give leaders like you exactly what you need without all the BS and fluff. Because I know it's the small steps, day by day, that lead to the big breakthroughs.

That, as well as my 'say it as it is' challenge is what people love about working with me. 


Want more info?


CLICK HERE to book a call with Lynn or email [email protected]

What's included in the online training modules?


Work on your Mindset

Focus on five simple but powerful Mindsets for Success every single day.

Whatever else is going on, these will  help you take the right action at the right time and get you focused.

Recognise, understand and tame your inner critic

Ever felt 'not good enough'?  Find yourself procrastinating or striving for perfection?  I know what that's like.  Understanding that inner critic and changing your beliefs and scripts is the most important work you can do to skyrocket your success.  And I speak from personal experience.

Leadership Essentials

Get your mission and purpose across clearly and succinctly (lose all the BS that gets in the way of being clearly understood). Make your strategy or plan simple to implement and your meetings purposeful, concise and engaging. 

Practical ways to beat overwhelm and find more time in your day.

Conversational Intelligence® 

Once you understand why some conversations hit the spot and others leave you tearing your hair out, a whole new world will open up to you.

I'll help you have  conversations that build trust, motivate and engage. You'll influence more quickly, build stronger relationships  and get things done with ease. 

It's conversational neuroscience but it's not rocket science!

+ you get these Bonuses

Bonus 1 

My 20 minute masterclass on Mindset Mastery and Fixed and Growth Mindset.

Doesn't matter how much you know - it's your mindset that makes the difference. 

Bonus 2

My 25 minute masterclass on the Impostor Syndrome.

Nine ways to manage your impostor

If you're worried that one day you're going to be 'found out' or you feel like a fraud - this one's for you!  (Been there, got the T-Shirt).

Bonus 3

My 28 minute masterclass on building Trust and Psychological Safety.

Includes a simple worksheet to get you focused on Trust and a short but powerful team exercise to bring it all to life in your real world.

Yes, I want this!

Meet your Coach Lynn Scott


I know, everyone calls themselves a coach these days.  But I can assure you I'm the real deal with 20 years' experience working with CEOs, MDs, senior leaders and talented middle leaders with huge potential.

I completed my  Advanced Professional Diploma in Executive coaching in 2002 and  Postgraduate  Diploma in Coaching Psychology in 2005.  I'm one of fewer than 65 International Coach Federation  Master Coaches (MCC) in the UK.  And that's just for starters.

My client list includes:

Airbus, Arla Foods, Bauer Media, BP,  Blue Chip Marketing, British Transport Police, Coca Cola, Co-operative Group,  Cherry London, GMC, Greater Manchester Police, Marks and Spencer Direct,  IMI Precision Engineering, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group, Join the Dots, Manchester Business School,  Manchester City Council,  Stockport Council, Sheffield City Council,  Thwaites,  Torus,  A variety of NHS Trusts and NHS Leadership Academy,  Unilever,  University of Manchester  and more.


But I know that what you care about is that you'll make progress on your dreams and goals in a way that sticks and has lasting impact.

I've been running this programme since May 2020. If you want to know what to expect when you work with me then take a look at the testimonials below.

Here’s Why You'll Love This Programme


Reason 1

120 days + of continuous support and bite-sized online modules you can access for at least one year.

We make things happen step by step and day by day. 

No more cramming everything into a short, intensive  programme and being too busy to put what you've learned into practice.

Reason 2

Implementation in real time.

Two sessions dedicated to getting those important things done there and then.  (The perfect antidote to procrastination!)

Presentations, restructure plans, interview preparation.... you name it, we do it . It's one of those simple but powerful ideas that changes your world.

Reason 3

Masterclasses that get immediate results

NEW:  Impact, Influence and Story Telling

Two part practical and interactive master class to  work on your gravitas and impact in real time.

NEW:  Conversational Intelligence® in Practice 

Experiential masterclass that builds your influence and ability to connect with ease -  building morale, trust and motivation.

Reason 4

1-1 and group coaching that gets results and keeps you on track.

60 minutes  with me to kick start your 120 day Breakthrough to Success Plan and a 45 minute follow up 1-1 to keep you on track.

Group coaching (almost!) every week with a small group of like-minded leaders - it's great to have cheerleaders! You'll find all the dates in the FAQs below 



This Is For You if:

  •  You want to achieve more without doing more
  • You're a leader who loves 'real world' guidance, advice, tips and stuff you can use straight away
  • You're ready to step up and you'd love some  expert support and guidance to shorten your learning curve
  • You know you can do greater things but there is something holding you back
  • You want to make more of an impact with your team and within your organisation
  • You want to stop procrastinating, ruminating or overthinking


This Is Not For You if:

  • You have no say over how you run your working day
  • You want academic theory with no practical application
  • You're not willing to show up, ask questions and do the work
  • You're not ready to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ways of doing things
  • You want to blame others for things rather than look at yourself 
  • You want specific HR/Employment Law guidance.  
  • You prefer to work with me 1-1 (see below)

Darren Wiltshire

"Lynn is a great coach – she challenges your thinking and as a result I’ve spent more time pushing through important change initiatives which had been on the ‘to do’ list for so long.  My confidence and ability to influence at senior level improved, I spend less time in meetings and more time building business relationships externally and with my team.  Every incremental improvement adds up to significant change over the 90 day programme. "

Head of Infrastructure, Bauer Media

Yvonne Buchanan Coutts

"Lynn is an amazing coach and mentor and the small group has been extremely supportive. It's enlightening to find that you are not the only one with particular feelings and issues. The group discussions, resources, videos and coaching have made me think about the kind of leader I want to be in my new role. I would highly recommend this programme - you will definitely notice a positive difference in the way you and your team work."

Education Manager

Michelle Woodfield

"I am influencing at a more senior level, delegating more, managing my personal boundaries and leading the team with more confidence, gravitas and direction."

Investment Consultant Team Lead, Aon
Yes, I want this!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, I want this!

What's it like to work with Lynn?

Holly Hartley

"Working with Lynn has changed my life for the better.   She came into my life at a point of real transformation where I didn’t know where I would be heading next.  I was uncertain, unsure and worried.  She helped me to process all of these concerns and be honest and admit to myself what I really wanted my future to look like."

Former Executive Principal, Multi-Academy Trust

Susie Burdekin

"Since being on the programme I’ve been able to put myself 'out there’ more and raise my profile in my industry. I’ve struggled with confidence in raising my profile in the past and procrastinated behind the ‘busy being busy’ excuse for a long time. But since working with Lynn, I’ve published new articles, made more connections and now looking forward to speaking and hosting panels. Can’t recommend the programme enough!"

The Drill Company

I've been featured in

Next Programme starts in February 2022 (see FAQs for all the dates)

Our Guarantee, Refund, And Return Policies

You have to take enough risks in life, this shouldn't be one of them. If after 14 days from the date you get access to the programme you decide it is not for you, please drop me an email [email protected] to request a refund. I ask that you let me know briefly why the programme is not working for you because feedback is gold and I truly value it.

Once a refund has been issued you will no longer have access to the programme, materials or Facebook group.

Please note that ‘I don’t have time now’ is not a valid reason for a refund because you have access to the online programme for at least 12 months.  There's no 'falling behind'.

Yes, I want this!

A Reminder of What's Included

 Live Support

6 x 90 minute group coaching calls to keep you focused and  on track

2 implementation afternoons to get the important stuff done

3 live and experiential masterclasses to get you connecting, influencing, inspiring and engaging

2 Time to Breathe sessions to get you out of the weeds and focused - you can't pour from an empty cup!

Private Facebook group for support, ideas and Q and A

60 minutes with me 1-1 to create your 120 day plan for success and a 45 minute follow up three months later

Online Support

4 Online training modules in video, audio and transcript format - bite sized practical learning you can use right away

3  online mini-masterclasses - Impostor Syndrome, Mindset Mastery and Trust and Psychological Safety 

Zoe Williams

“Doing the Leading with Confidence course with Lynn has been something of a revelation for me. I have done a few courses and training days before but this one has really made a difference. I joined feeling a bit stuck, like I was never going to progress and that I wasn't communicating 'upwards' effectively or presenting a serious profile. Lynn really helped me focus on what I was personally finding difficult and challenged me in an unthreatening way to try out different ways of behaving. I just feel much more whole myself at work - I am presenting a more serious and confident me and feel I am seeing and hearing others more effectively (& less threateningly) that I had been doing. The course is already paying off, with higher profile projects coming my way and discussions about increasing the size of my team - I feel I am in a good place and looking forward to finding new opportunities and making decisions about my future..”

Zoe Williams, Culture Lead - Libraries, Galleries and Culture, Manchester City Council

Are you ready to shine your light? 

I know how it feels when you can't see the wood for the trees.

I know how it feels to want more 'me' time or 'us' time or family time and do meaningful work that energises and fulfils.

I've been in your shoes and I've worked with hundreds of leaders who've been in your shoes too.

And I know exactly how to help you step back, step up and step out whatever your starting point.

Nothing changes until you do.


Join the programme any time

When I'm raring to go, I hate having to wait.

I don't want you to wait, either. Once you book your place you get access to all the training modules, bonus masterclasses and your 120 day Breakthrough to Success one hour coaching session with me.  You then join the next coaching group.  

You could be off to a great start today.



Available until 31 January 2022

Full price £1997 

Payment options available (see below)

If you prefer to pay by invoice/PO please contact us at pat[email protected]

  • 4 online training modules with practical activities included
  • 2 x 1-1 coaching with Lynn 
  • Private members' only Facebook group for support and Q and A 
  • 6 'Live with Lynn'  group  calls for troubleshooting, coaching, feedback, encouragement and guidance  
  • 12 weeks of me by your side so you never have to figure things out on your own 
  • Two Implementation days to help you get the important things done
  • NEW - Two-part live masterclass on building your influence and impact
  • NEW - Live masterclass on building your Conversational Intelligence®
  • Two live Time to Breathe sessions - the antidote to 'busy being busy'


Two Easy Payment Options

(for payment by company invoice please contact [email protected])



one-off payment



Pay Here


eight monthly payments of



Pay Here

Liz Gee

“This programme helped me set out my vision for the culture I want to create, helped me think more clearly about how to influence and has made me more confident to empower my team to come to their own decisions. I have seen tangible results in my improved ability to open up honest conversations, managing to negotiate a solution for a great team member I didn't want to lose.”

Liz Gee, Interim Dean: Fashion Business School






Andrea Saunders

“I find it difficult to describe the positive impact Lynn has had on my professional life, at a time when I needed it most. She has a superpower that means she can tap into my most inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings, sometimes even before I'm aware of them myself as well as an ability to compassionately challenge what I say and do (and, what I DON'T say or do!). Accountability is fundamental for me, and Lynn has never let me off the hook! The Lead with Confidence programme really is a one stop shop for leaders – practical resources, group sessions where we can safely share our experiences with likeminded colleagues, implementation days giving us that focus we all struggle to achieve and just encouragement. 100% worth the investment.”

Andrea Saunders, NHS National Services Scotland Finance Business Partner