Two quick CV tips (1 minute read)

cv cv tips Oct 22, 2021

Quite a few of my clients this year have successfully applied for promotions or new roles.

And many have been - shall we say - ‘rusty’ in that they haven’t had to write a CV or attend an interview in a very, very long time.

(It’s like riding a bike, BTW….)

If you’re thinking of moving on, I want to share these quick tips with you:

Is your CV/bio/resumé up to date? It’s worth updating it every year (at least) because you never know when you might need it or may need to adapt it for a job application.

On that note - the biggest mistake I see on CVs (apart from being too long and not tailored to the specific role being applied for) is a whole list of your responsibilities.

I DON’T CARE (yes, big shouty capitals) if you are responsible for a team of 50 people worldwide or you were responsible for re-structuring a whole department or changing the way the team worked during Covid.

None of that tells me you are any good.

I DO...

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