Are YOU the energy vampire?

I’ve been recording content for my Facebook group this week and one of the topics I talk about is resistors, energy vampires, mood hoovers – call them what you will. 

Of course, those people are NEVER us. Are they?

Er – yes.

Or at least I was, yesterday.

I started to feel cross about ‘other people’ (no names ).

Blaming THEM for not thinking about me and ‘doing what I wanted them to do’ (I know - cringe )

This stopped me focusing on something productive and useful.

And I finished the day pretty p****d off with myself and the world.

Complete waste of time and energy.

Fortunately for me (and my poor husband) I was able to give myself a good talking to and set the intention to start today differently.

And I did.

Then, all of a sudden, those people ‘did what I wanted them to do’.

Now, I don’t consider myself a woo woo type of gal but I do believe that the type of energy we put out there comes back to us.


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Use your energy to beat overwhelm (A woo-woo free zone)

The Energy Effortless Connection - watch this short video all about how to maximise your high energy time AND create some doable routines.

As always, the steps are bite-sized, practical and actionable.

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