‘I know what to do but I don’t do it’

Recognise that heading?

Intellectually, we often know what we ‘should’ do, but we procrastinate.

Three things I’ve heard this week:

‘I know I should reach out to more people in other parts of the business, but I don’t’

‘I know I should get this re-structure sorted but I keep putting it on the back burner’

‘I know I should have asked that question in the meeting, but I didn’t’.

That word ‘should’ is very judgemental, isn’t it?

If we know we ‘should’, why don’t we?

Normally it’s fear – of rejection, of humiliation, of not being good enough, of getting it wrong.

The worst thing we can say to ourselves is ‘I’ll do it when I’m feeling more confident’.
Because action leads to confidence, not the other way round.

(And stop kidding yourself that you ‘don’t have time’).

When I work with you, I help you take action.

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