Leap of faith or one small step?

small steps Feb 29, 2020

As 29th February only comes around every four years it got me thinking about leaps of faith. (Yeh, I know - tenuous link!)

A Leap of Faith takes you toward something – hopefully something new, fresh, positive, exciting, …..choose your own words.

It’s the very opposite of staying where you are (now, staying where you are is great if you are happy and fulfilled in that place).

But when you’re stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled – staying where you are is horrible. And yet paradoxically it can feel ‘safe.’ It’s familiar.

And we all know an energy vampire who moans and whinges but does nothing whatsoever to change their situation. (Be kind – they’re staying safe!)

Leaping into the unknown can feel really scary. We don’t always want to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’

So my first rule of thumb is to start to make the unknown ‘known; the unfamiliar ‘familiar’.

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