Why don’t you change it?

change transition Nov 27, 2020

‘You’re too soft’ (I know but..)

‘You need to make a decision and stop procrastinating’ (I know but…)

‘You need to sort it out’ (I know but…)

‘You need to have more self-belief’ (I know but…)

‘You need to just do it’ (I know but…)

‘You need to cut him/her out of your life’ (I know but…)

‘You need to stop making excuses’ (I know but…)

‘You need to leave – it’s making you ill’ (I know but….)

Does this sound familiar?

This is your voice inside your head speaking. 

But that conflict between genuinely wanting to do something (not because someone else thinks you ‘SHOULD’ do it) and actually making a start can keep us going round in circles for weeks, months – and dare I say it - even years.

And the excuse you’ll be making to yourself is often ‘it’s not the right time.’

But be honest...

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