Can I trust you?

trust Nov 13, 2020

Would you be offended if anyone asked you that question – or even thought it?

It’s rare that people ask you outright but they’re thinking it.

Have you got my back? Will you do what you say you will? If I tell you something will I suffer as a result? Can I make a mistake and not have to cover it up through fear of the consequences? Can I admit I don’t know how to do something? Can I be vulnerable and still be okay? 

I guess we’d all like to think we are 100% trustworthy.

We all believe we do the right thing.

And we have integrity.

But despite our good intentions (which nobody can see) we often don’t create the environment of trust that we’d like to think we do.

We’re not bad people, we just have a blind spot somewhere!

We can all build greater trust (and psychological safety, while I’m at it) from the ground up - or whatever our starting point is.

It’s not rocket science.

But it’s crucial to our success as...

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