You can tiptoe

In my experience there are two main reasons why people don’t reach their full potential in life (whatever that means for them).

It’s rarely down to a lack of intelligence, experience or knowledge.

It is partly down to a lack of self-confidence and self-belief. (That won’t surprise you).

But it’s also a lack of ability to take specific action to start to build that confidence. (Because one of those limiting beliefs we often hold is ‘I’ll wait until I’m more confident and then I’ll do x, y or z’).

We see our lack of confidence as such a big ‘thing’ but actually it isn’t. (Only in our heads).

You can work on those beliefs and you can take small actions at the same time. The key word here is small.

You don’t have to leap out of your comfort zone all the time. You can tiptoe.

And consistency pays off.

Your confidence – with a good dose of humility - empowers others. The ripple effect that it can create is enormous.

So, if you’re managing a team right now and you want you and them to reap the benefits that leading with confidence brings, my new online programme is available from Monday.

Lead with Confidence in Challenging Times and Beyond (in 20 minutes a day). 

It’s designed with ‘now’ in mind as well as the future.

And 20 minutes a day is all you need to make massive progress.

Details available on Monday 20th May.

And if this resonates with you in any way I hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime enjoy the weekend.

And as always, thank you for being in my community.


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