Got 5 minutes to improve your virtual team meeting?

Here are 7 things to do next time.

Make it outcome focused (not a talking shop).

Check in half- way through – what’s gone well in the first half and what should we change in part two?

Make sure everyone’s voice is heard – ask people to come prepared to discuss x; use chat, use polls, share ideas in advance. Not everyone is a natural ‘vocaliser’ on Zoom or Teams.

Stop the endless repetition – if you agree with what someone else has just said, say ‘agree’. You don’t need to say it again.

Start and end on time. Every time. No discussion.

Cameras on – be present.

Block out space afterwards to reflect, make your notes and do any follow up.

If you haven’t banned back-to-back meetings, then PLEASE STOP NOW.

They’re killing your productivity.

You’re welcome.

PS: Want to be an effective, inspiring, confident leader? Here’s how I can help you get started in September.

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Why am I even here?

This is not an existential question about the meaning of life.

Not today anyway.

It’s much more about that thing you say to yourself every time you sit in a mind-numbing, tedious, pointless talking shop a.k.a. a meeting.

Wasting. Time.

I recorded this short video in 2019 when a lot of us were meeting face to face as well as virtually.

But every single tip I share with you works whatever format your meeting takes.

‘Meeting Madness’

Feel free to share it with anyone else who might find it useful.

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Meeting Madness – (please make it go away!)

Do you spend ages in pointless meetings?

Back-to- back talking shops that serve no purpose and waste our time are a BIG contributor to overwhelm.

You need tactics – for ‘meeting mastery.’

AND - an elegant way to say ‘no’ to those time-wasting talking shops that ruin your day. 

This video will show you how.

No more mind-numbing collective procrastination where nothing gets done. 

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